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Troy Burleson

Collin County DWI AttorneyIf you are reading this, you were probably arrested recently for Assault, Assault Family Violence, or Domestic Violence. You may be scared about your Assault charges. You may be angry. You may even be disappointed with the way things turned out.

Collin County DWI AttorneyYou need an attorney you can trust. You need a local Assault Family Violence lawyer who knows the ropes in the area. You need an attorney who keeps up with the latest legal nuisances of Assault cases. I am an attorney that encompasses all of these qualities.

I pride myself on delivering outstanding
Assault Family Violence Defense

Collin County DWI AttorneyUnlike most attorneys who handle many areas of law, every case I handle is a criminal defense case. Additionally, I realize that Assault cases are very unique, even within the criminal law field. I know that Assault cases cannot simply be handled in the same manner as other criminal defense cases. With family, loved ones, and increased social pressures to "get tough on crime" these cases face additional challenges. This knowledge allows me to give you the best possible representation for your Texas Assault Family Violence case.

Collin County DWI AttorneyLike most people, you are probably concerned with the prospect of having to hire an attorney. Because of this, I offer a Free Consultation. If you decide I am not the attorney for you, you owe me nothing. This free Assault consultation allows us to meet in person and discuss your case in detail. You can receive your free consultation by calling 469-252-4018. We will set up an in person consultation that will take about an hour while we discuss:

Collin County DWI AttorneyThe particulars of your Assault Case
Collin County DWI AttorneyThe laws regarding Texas Assault Cases
Collin County DWI AttorneyThe consequences of an Assault conviction
Collin County DWI AttorneyThe nuances and differences in a Collin County Assault,
Collin County DWI AttorneyDallas County Assault, or Denton County Assault
Collin County DWI AttorneyHow an Assault case can affect your future
Collin County DWI AttorneyMy Fees and the Scope of my representation
Collin County DWI AttorneyThe pros and cons of a Jury Trial
Collin County DWI Attorney. . . and much more.

Collin County DWI AttorneyMy sincere hope is that the end of our consultation, you will become a little more relaxed and comfortable with the charges you are facing. Not because your Assault case is going to go away or disappear, but because at least you will have a better understanding of the judicial process, and where to go from here.

I handle the following types of cases:

Assault Family Violence
Assault Domestic Violence
Emergency Protective Orders (Modifications, etc.)
Probation Revocations
Aggravated Assault - Deadly Weapon
Aggravated Assault - Serious Bodily Injury

As for the scope of my practice, I handle :

Collin County Assault cases
Denton County Assault cases
Dallas County Assault cases

For your convenience, I accept all major credit cards

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